We have been doing the Lehigh Valley Christmas in Concert for seven years now and every year I have come away with a strange and similar feeling. We work at least half the year in the recording and

As we end the year 2002 and look back, we realize what an interesting and varied year it has been for us. We started off the year with Mike Krisukas being commissioned to write original music for Our Shoes Are Red production of "Juliet and Her Romeo" at Muhlenberg College. This critically acclaimed play, written and directed by Devon Allen currently residing in Easton, PA, received rave reviews and is currently being considered for an off-Broadway production. Allen's use of the female's perspective gave this production a more meaningful understanding to the

We put the finishing touches on Blackwater's second CD ( and released "Stranded" in March. This Celtic group has found the perfect home inside the Bummer Tent, releasing their 2nd CD on the label since their start with us in 1997. Their music has been heard far and wide and they have become a Valley favorite, getting In March we also did a remote recording for the Steel Choir project with Bev Morgan. This project is a combination of Bach Choir vocalists and songwriters from the Days of Steel Songwriters Project and a great collaboration for Bummer Tent.

In April, we collaborated with filmmakers Jackie Eagan and Doug Miles of Refried Flics of New York City for their latest film "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," a witty film about ______. The music of Zen For Primates was featured in this film which received international notoriety in the film industry. From the ____ in Seattle to the ___ in Brussels, DADT was a huge hit.

May - Shawnee Productions hires Bummer Tent for recording the music for the play "Footloose."


After months of planning, June was a big month for us and the Blues community. With the Blues concert - featuring artists from our Bummer Tent - Blues, Volume I CD. Live at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton the concert featured local Blues favorites in a theatre setting and received an amazing response. Present were: BC - Bev Conklin of BC and the Blues Crew, Blues Power (featuring Juan Nuno and Pete Fluck), Crosscut Saw, Maddog & Blues Night Out, Eric Steckel Band, James Supra, Craig Thatcher, Wolfe and the late, great Al G. and Shades of Blue. The evening was great fun for all and we'll be doing it again this coming year in honor of Al G. and to showcase the new artists who will be featured in Blues, Volume II.

In June we also started doing the Inside the Bummer Tent articles for The Allentown Times. We are honored and privileged to be working with Kelly Harding and the folks at TAT.

June, July and August we did all of the recording sessions for the Lehigh Valley Christmas 2002 CD and we had our work cut out for us. We started the LVC sessions on June 15 with the Lehigh Valley World Beat Ensemble and finished sessions on August 19 with the Roth sisters putting the finishing touches on the Zen For Primates track - Mele Kalikimaka. In total 19 songs - 19 artists appeared on the 7th LVC recording - and it turned out to be the best one ever!

During July, we also started working on the music for the film "Educating Grover," an educational film about teaching kids with learning disabilities. This Muhlenberg project by writer/director Beth Shachter and ____ was a really positive experience for us and got the music of Bummer Tent recording artists in an educational film, giving exposure to a whole new, non-traditional audience.

In late August, we mastered the Steel Choir CD and the Lehigh Valley Christmas CDs and ship them out to be pressed. We take a hiatus for all of September and return in October, ready to work on the LVC concert.


Hanging Out and About

One of the best things we found during 2002, Happy Hour with Lucky 7 at Crocodile Rock. Live R&B, funk and disco from 6-8 PM; it just doesn't get any better than this!



Go out and see live music! Musicians are playing their butts off every night of the week and all we have to do and get off the couch and go out once in a while and catch them. Once you make that move - and get your blood flowing again - you will be glad you did. Ever wonder how they do it - how musicians make a living? Well, come out and find out!! They play and get paid (peanuts sometimes) but they play because it's their art-form and how they express themselves and how they feel whole. - Go out and see live music, people!!



The Flitch Band, featuring Pete Fluck on sax, Mike Krisukas on screaming electric guitar (ever hear that?) joined by Jim McGee on bass and world-renowned drummer, Bill Goodwin will be at Godfrey's on Friday January 3 at 8PM. Almost 200 years of music - catch them before they all die.


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